increaseLast week the Federal Election Commission increased the reporting threshold for contributions bundled by lobbyists to $17,300 (up from $17,100). Candidates, leadership PACs, and federal party committee must file lobbyist bundling reports if during a six-month reporting period they receive two or more bundled contributions exceeding the $17,300 threshold. We have written here about the reporting and fundraising issues that can arise with bundling.

The FEC also increased the amount that a national or state party committee may spend in coordination with its 2014 general election nominees. These expenditure limits are separate from the $5,000 limit on direct contributions by a party committee. The coordinated limits allow the party to pay expenses for activities coordinated with a candidate, such as the costs of a fundraiser and media efforts. For example, a party committee could discuss the content and timing of a direct mail piece with the candidate and then spend party money up to the limit to produce and send the mailer. With the FEC’s increase for inflation, the limits are now:

  • Senate Nominee – Ranges from $94,500 – $2,755,200 depending on the voting age of the population. The full list can be found here.
  • House Nominee in State with Only One Representative – $94,500 (up from $93,100 in 2013)
  • House Nominee in Other States – $47,200 (up from $46,600 in 2013)

Independent expenditures by the parties in support of candidates are not subject to limits, but may not be coordinated with the candidate.

*Admitted in Maryland; not yet admitted in D.C.