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The Federal Election Commission Announces New Contribution Limits for 2017-2018 Cycle

Since the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was passed in 2002, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) indexes contribution limits based on inflation every two years. For the first time, the FEC did not increase the individual (and non-multicandidate PAC) limit to candidates because inflation was running so low. Individuals are still allowed to give $2,700 per … Continue Reading

New York’s Campaign Finance and Lobbying Reforms Become Law

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally signed his administration’s signature political law reform bill last week, on August 24, 2016. The bill passed out of the New York legislature earlier this year and will have a significant impact on state-level Super PACs, nonprofit organizations involved in lobbying efforts in New York, and political consultants, in … Continue Reading

Election Year Tips for Employers

From now until the polls close on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, politics will be inescapably in the air – and in the workplace. Employees will be talking, and sometimes arguing, and sometimes participating in one campaign or another. Prudent employers should take note of what they may be required to do or prohibited from doing … Continue Reading

SEC Charges Private Equity Fund with Pay-to-Play Violation

For the first time since it issued its pay-to-play rule in 2010, the SEC has charged a private equity firm with violating Rule 206(4)-5. The company charged agreed to disgorge nearly $260,000 in fees earned and to pay a $35,000 penalty as a result of two impermissible contributions made by the same “covered associate.” This … Continue Reading

Outside Earned Income

House staff that are paid above a certain rate are limited in the amount of outside income they may receive. The House Ethics Committee announced today that the rate of pay for 2014 that triggers the limits is $120,749 or $10,062 a month. Anyone earning that rate for more than 90 days is subject to the … Continue Reading

You Can Still Tune-Up on Government Affairs Compliance

        In case you missed our webinar last week on government affairs compliance, you can click here for the recording and here for the presentation materials. We covered topics including: Creative ways to be involved in the political process;  Operating a compliant PAC; Federal and state lobbying compliance; Pay-to-play laws that affect … Continue Reading

New California Disclosure Rules for 501(c) Organizations that Make Independent Expenditures

When does a 501(c)(6) trade association have to disclose its members to the public? Not often, as the schedule of contributors provided to the IRS is not a public document. California – as is so often the case – has other ideas about that. If a 501(c) organization makes independent expenditures in California state races, … Continue Reading


Welcome to Political Law Briefing, where Venable’s Political Law team will provide timely updates, insights, and commentary on campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, gift and ethics, pay-to-play, and all the other laws that impact how you interact with the government. Whether it’s the latest court decision that changes the rules of the game in the middle … Continue Reading